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Monday, April 03, 2006
Run XI

I drop the gun and the detonator and grab Gabriel's hand. I can hear the deep rumblings of the explosives, feel the ground shake beneath us.
Together we turn to the door. He punches the code in a blur, and we slip through as it slides back. Hand-in-hand, we run. We pass guards in mid-step, a look of surprise pasted to their motionless faces. The alarm rings dull and low, the lights flash sluggishly. The world seems to be moving in slow-motion, until I relize we are going so fast that everything else appears to have paused for us.
Gabriel pulls me to the stairwell. We take the stairs two, five, ten at a time until we are jumping entire flights. At last, we brake through to the roof and blinding sunlight. We leap off the edge as the building crubles beneath us, finally giving way. We land on the next building over and tumble together in a heap as the force of the explosion hits us. We cough and choke in the dust of the now-demolished tower of G-D.
The debris starts to settle, and I look to Gabriel. A few cuts and bruises, but he's okay. As I squint, trying to see him better through the haze, I realize something. His hair, face, clothing, everything is covered in gray dust. I glance at my arms, my legs, the area around us; it's all become gray. Different shades of gray.
For awhile, we just sit staring at eachother in shock. Finally, we embrace. We don't know what we'll do, where we'll go. We don't know how much longer we have to live; a day, a month, maybe years. But then again, who does? All we know is, we're alive right now, and we are free.

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